The Perfect Eyebrow — Your New Secret Weapon.

The Perfect Eyebrow — Your New Secret Weapon.

When it comes to every woman’s most important asset, her face, dramatic brows can really bring out your va-va-voom. Want the latest celebrity-worthy tip? Microblading. For the latest on this hot procedure we talked to the lady who knows all the tricks, Aileen Moran, lead aesthetician with SKIN the Spa at Runnels Center.


Social South: What’s the secret that sets the pretty apart from the drop-your-jaw, love-to-hate-her-because-she-always-stands-out-in-a-crowd contessa?

Aileen: Eyebrows. Seriously. If you don’t believe me, Google it. Just type in the name of your go-to style icon and you’ll see. It’s all in the eyebrows…Eyebrows2016-R-eBlastTopProcess2See what I mean? The shape, the fullness, the color and symmetry. They’re all important elements and they’re all spot-on.

Social South: We report on rituals followed by some of the most visually captivating individuals. Our readers are familiar with most: choosing suitable “colors”  for your complexion, religiously applying sunscreen, boldly highlighting either your lips or your eyes, using only the best applicators and brushes, the list goes on…. All of these are important but obvious. We’re not after the obvious. We don’t want to blend in. How do we create that stand out look?

Aileen: Of course it all starts with great skin, and we specialize in that. But when you accent your complexion with brows that really frame your face the effect is DRAMATIC! A custom regimen for your skin type is always the foundation. The right products and therapies from HydraFacials to Lasers do wonders. But it takes more than a tweeze, trim and pencil to really compliment your proportions. That’s where the perfect brow comes in.

Social South: You are right the devil is in the details. But it seems like that takes the knowledge of a makeup expert, but who has time for that daily… between carpools, work and a social calendar?

Aileen: Don’t you know it! My husband and I both work and our young son keeps us running when we’re not! That’s why I’m so thrilled we’re offering the hottest technique for achieving eyebrow perfection, “Everlasting Brows.” This is a new Microblading technique (also called eyebrow embroidery) where each hair is individually drawn with specially ridged pens. We’re thrilled to be the first to offer this unbelievable process in Mississippi.


Social South: We’re familiar with permanent tattooing. That can look so heavy. And the process has been around a long time. So what different about this?

Aileen: For starters the results!  Be careful not to confuse this amazingly convincing procedure with old, heavy permanent tattooing. This is completely realistic. Also this is a waterproof, semi permanent process, lasting up to 18 months. So you can adjust your look as trends and your needs change. The Everlasting Brow system uses specialized equipment so pigmented strokes, placed just below the skin’s surface, appear crisp and very fine.


Social South: I’m looking at some of the before and afters. This is awesome. So even for hair loss due to illness or age this works? 

Aileen: Yes, the results are amazing no matter the amount of actual hair present and that’s an important point. Shaping, thickening or reprocessing. This is for anyone who wants to look their best and never fuss with brow makeup again. Please feel free to call me at 601-939-2457 if you have any questions.

Well ladies there you have it!  What are we waiting for? Aileen says “SKIN the Spa is scheduling appointments starting May 1, 2016.” Schedule yours today!

Hmm. Now when was that class reunion again?