Warmer for the Winter

Story by Lauren Wallace | Photos by Allison Muirhead

While formal spaces often need no alteration, dens and public spaces are the perfect spot to make some changes in accordance with the season. Simply transitioning throw pillows from the cool linens of the summer into rich tapestry, fur and wool of the winter can bring an inviting seasonal change. Adding slipcovers in warm velvet is also an inexpensive and easy way to bring more warmth into these gathering spaces, as is adding throw blankets in heavier fabrics.

If your window coverings allow for an easy change, consider swapping light and airy sheers for heavier panels in richer tones. This is an especially quick adjustment with the use of curtain rod rings with alligator clip attachments.

In the bedroom, it’s all about adjusting color and fabric. Bring in a duvet or quilt in coordinating jewel tones to add some of the rich color of the season. Even a small change such as switching cotton blankets for wool blends or adding sheets in a higher thread count (350 for summer, 500 for winter) can make a big impact in the warmth and comfort of your room. Again, the addition of throw pillows in richer colors, fur or tapestry is an easy change that can have a big impact in the feel of your room.

Warmer-for-the-Winter-WEB3The bathroom and kitchen are probably the easiest rooms to alter for the season. Here, it’s not only about adjusting color but also scent. Choose candles, diffusers and hand soaps that are indicative of the richness of this time of year—spice, peppermint, pine and holiday-inspired fragrances are always good choices this time of year. Swap light-colored guest and dish towels for jewel tones, and add accents of pumpkins, pomegranates, holly and gourds to bowls and vases in each room. The addition of plants like a Christmas cactus, mum, croton and later poinsettia can add a pop of seasonal color while easily transitioning the feel of your room from the light and airy days of summer to the cozy warmth of fall into winter.