Meringue Macaron Kitchen: Q&A with the lovely Lauren Bowie

Meringue Macaron Kitchen: Q&A with the lovely Lauren Bowie

Photos by Tate Nations

Tell us a little about yourself. Where you’re from, family, school, etc.

I am from Madison and still live here with my husband and little girl, Fenley, who is 3. I attended Mississippi College where I received a degree in French. I love everything about France…the language, the country, the culture and especially the pastries!

Have you always baked? Who taught you?

I have definitely always baked. Ever since I can remember. Both of my grandmothers are amazing cooks and bakers as well as my mom. I took what I knew from them and then taught myself how to make French macarons. It took me months and I quit more than once but I kind of became obsessed and couldn’t quit for longer than a few days. I just really love these particular little cookies.

What was the first thing you remember baking?

The first thing I remember baking is a batch of my Grandmother Anne’s homemade sugar cookies. They are so yummy and now my mom regularly makes them with my little girl which is so special to me. Fenley has actually made some with my grandmother too. I was there taking lots of pictures, of course!

How did Meringue Macaron Kitchen come to be?

Meringue Macaron Kitchen came to be as I started playing around with macarons in my kitchen and next thing I knew someone asked me if I could make some for his wife’s birthday. After that I started taking orders and had a little business on my hands! It was a very natural process and that has confirmed to me that I am doing something right.

Is there a story behind you business name?

Macarons are all about starting with the right meringue so I thought that was a fun name!

What’s your favorite thing about baking?

My favorite thing about baking is the end result. I’ve quit a million times while baking because macarons can be very tricky. It’s a love/hate relationship, to be honest. But when I put them together and box them up and hand them off to customers, it makes me more happy than words!

Do you have a favorite?

My favorite is a light brown almond cookie, with light gold dusting and chocolate ganache in the middle. So so delicious and elegant.

Tell us about your workspace/kitchen.

My kitchen is my happy place. It’s very clean, and what I consider organized chaos. Also occasionally has a 3 year old passing through asking to pipe filling on the macarons that didn’t turn out just right. To which I obviously oblige.

Where can we purchase your macarons?

Through me! My email is or you can find me at the Livingston Farmers Market every Thursday, 4:00 Р7:00 p.m. It starts in May and goes through early October and is located at the corner of Highway 463 and Highway 22 in Madison.

Do you cater weddings and events? Can they be personalized?

I have done quite a few weddings and love baking for all events. I can make any flavor or color combination you can dream up and love hearing peoples ideas.

Any advice for fellow bakers/entrepreneurs?

My advice is to keep learning. Be a student of your trade or craft. As cliche as it sounds, don’t stop dreaming. Who knows where it will lead you. Enjoy what you do and be confident in it…the world needs more people who are graciously loving what they do and loving people through their