Have you heard? Runnels Center just got even better!

Have you heard? Runnels Center just got even better!

Dr. William North, Jackson native and graduate of UMMC, has arrived at the Runnels Center and is now accepting patients. He brings the latest techniques and unparalleled experience from the prestigious University of Kentucky Albert B. Chandler Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky.

While in medical school, Dr. North observed Dr. Runnels during clinical and surgical rotations. Looking back on their first meeting, Dr. North says, “I’ll never forget it. It was the summer after my first year in medical school. I had the opportunity to observe Dr. Runnels for a day at both Runnels Center and River Oaks Hospital. After graduation and medical school, we still kept in touch and have continued to be friends over the years.”


We’re Lucky Dr. William North Returned South

“Jackson is my hometown. And I love Mississippi. I was so fortunate to have the ability to practice with some of the finest surgeons in the country at the University of Kentucky. The experience was simply unparalleled and I want to share that with my home state.” His areas of specialty include providing the latest in surgical and non-surgical techniques for cosmetic procedures of the breast, body, and face in addition to providing general plastic surgical services for breast reconstruction after mastectomy, skin reduction after massive weight loss, and facial reconstruction after cancer removal.

“Dr. North and I share the same goals in our training and medical service: to lead the field in expert and innovative medical and surgical techniques and to use those skills to benefit the patients in Mississippi and our neighboring states,” says Dr. Scott Runnels.


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