Sit a Spell


For Phoebe Kruger, a spot to enjoy her stunning backyard oasis was a priority when she enlisted the help of designer Nancy Price. When Nancy started the project, there was an existing gazebo structure
overlooking a golf course and the home’s exquisite infinity pool. “It was a traditional gazebo with a lot of fretwork,” says Nancy. “It wasn’t at all cohesive with the aesthetic of the rest of the house.”

Phoebe, who loves to be outside, enjoyed the idea of having a small, private spot, so Nancy went to work to make the gazebo blend with the rest of the outdoor area and create, essentially, a private, outdoor study for Phoebe. The fretwork was removed and the entire structure was painted a soothing, creamy gray to create a “modernized version of traditionalism.”

Pull-down sunscreens in a complementary gray hue were added to the structure, lending a touch of privacy as well as sun protection. The oversized, modern take on an outdoor chaise lounge is perfectly complemented by a Bali root table. “The table is exactly what it sounds like,” says Nancy. “It’s made in Bali and they char tree roots until they turn this beautiful ebony color. It adds a touch of something unexpected and organic to the area.”

The furniture offers a place for Phoebe to relax, with an over- sized place to rest among plush pillows covered in beautiful Barbara Berry outdoor fabrics. “INSTEAD OF THIS BEING A BACKYARD GAZEBO, WE CREATED A TRUE OUTDOOR ROOM THAT LET’S HER RELAX,” says Nancy.