Fashionably Ever After

Fashionably Ever After

Story by Laurel Donahoo
Photos by Autumn Beury

When a couple gets engaged these days, the planning for the big day begins almost immediately! There are magazines and websites dedicated to helping book venues, find dresses and tuxes, get flowers and food in order, and book the honeymoon. There is also ample help when it comes to brides finding inspiration for what to wear to showers and to the rehearsal dinner. But what about what to wear after the big day is all over? 

Ah, the honeymoon. Where couples are able to finally relax and simply enjoy being married in a serene setting. Isn’t the memory of the honeymoon just as important as the memory of the big day itself? That’s why it’s imperative to dress the part!

Enter Lauren Soley of Lovegood Wedding and Event Rentals. Lauren’s business began down in Florida’s honeymooning hotspot, 30A, and has since relocated to Hattiesburg, MS, an area where she is originally from. Lovegood Wedding and Event Rentals offers a wide array of vintage and eclectic pieces for one-of-a-kind showers, receptions and other events. As a former event venue owner and member of a wedding planning team, Lauren has a passion for helping brides achieve exactly what they want when it comes to all things wedding, which of course includes honeymoon!

Lauren noticed a lack of honeymoon style inspiration, so she decided to do something about it by rounding up a few local boutiques, wedding vendors and beauty experts who also wanted to help fill the void. They put together a whimsical photo shoot to help brides and grooms get inspired for post-wedding packing!

“Newlyweds are excited about their big day, but are also ready for the next step after being announced as husband and wife: the honeymoon,” says Lauren. “I had never seen a honeymoon fashion shoot before, so that’s how I came up with the idea to do one,” she continues.

Gulf Place, Florida served as the setting for this romantic editorial-style photo shoot captured on film by Autumn of photography studio Hello Miss Lovely. Hair and makeup was done by Crystal Byrd and clothing was provided by Fuss Boutique, Barefoot Princess, and Island Clothiers. Jewels were on loan from Destin Jewelers, and the cozy quilt that the couple used for some sunset snuggles is from the Lovegood stash of vintage items available for rent.

Of this collaboration, Lauren says, “This shoot goes down in the books as one of my favorites so far. I can’t wait to work on more projects like this in the future!”